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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
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I am an honest respectful guy , laid back , no drama and easy to get along with , fun to be around ... I don't associate with deceptive or gangster type people ... I value being trusted and never burn bridges... I'm searching for my soul mate to spend a happy life with forever ... I'm an excellent mechanic and carpenter and enjoy saving people money if I do work for them ... And somewhat of an inventor of whatever makes live easier or more fun ...

What I am looking for

An open minded girl who is willing to invest sex energy to see if we have soul mate chemistry .. having sex the first time we meet in person is an investment in becomming soul mates and the chemistry will be more natural.. if the chemistry is mutually enjoyed , there is definitely a possible match for a long and happy life together ... We would both have to set aside our egos so as not to judge wrongly, if we can do this from the start , we would do this for eachother in a relationship as love grows as we enjoy life together .. mutual trust and admiration for eachother is a must and I have the want to do this for my other half ... I know you are out there and I am right here waiting for you with excitement and overflowing with romance to give you !!