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    5 ft. 4 in.
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    Above Average
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    Some College
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First of all I'm less of a BBW than a SSBBW. I'm working on my health in the present and for the future. I try to eat healthy, I swim and I've lost about 70 lbs. I care about how I look and how I present myself. But FYI, in this moment, I'm about 360 lbs. I don't need to be a Barbie, but I do need to be healthy.

I love music, animals and my family. I'm single, never married, 5'4, 37, and at the moment, I'm not looking to date anyone over 50. I don't have any kids, I love kids, but I'd prefer you didn't have any. I'm drug

What I am looking for

I'm looking for dating, fun, and a relationship. I don't mean fun like a fling, I want something with long term potential, but I want a guy I can laugh and joke with. Someone who will go see a sappy girl movie, a raunchy comedy, a fun sci-fi, a silly family flick, or a kick-your-teeth-in action movie, but who won't make me sit through even a TRAILER for a horror movie. Someone who likes going out and trying new things as much as staying home and lounging around, or having a lazy Sunday. Someone to go play mini-golf or skee-ball at an arcade, or go see the fireworks on the 4th. A guy who doesn't need me to do his laundry or make his bed, but doesn't mind pulling out chairs and opening doors. I'm a door opener, it's just the right thing to do.