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whatever I want...humm.....interesting...whatever I want...well that is a long list. hit me up people... I'm back on standing
Music: I like anything with a good beat. I don't hate. If I don't like must be repetative. lol. same ol same ol. I LOVE Creedance CLear Water REvival. They are awesome. Simple plan, avril, snoop, jefferson airplane...some...just to name a few.
TV: I like family guy, buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, charmed. and just to name a few.
Books: Anything by Laurel K. Hamilton. She is a kick as writing. Maybe some Kim Harrison thrown in.
Sports: not right now...used to be basketball.
Movies: Anything that is promising to make me scream. I love horror flicks. I love the way they make you all freaked out. lol. the adrenaline rush...must be. So lots of gore and then some more. Basically I love Freddy Krueger, he is a riot.
WhatImInto: working....i'm a workaholic. If I could work 24 hrs. in a day I would. I seriously would...gotta make a survive.
MyBestFeatures: My attitude..and my cute so hot and so sassy.....
MyDreams: To move home and inspire a huge change. When I"m ready. And to not be changed by home. I've grown since being away from the reservation...and well I love it. I don't want to go home and end up letting the rez live me. lol. you know what I'm saying?

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