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well I haven't been on in awhile so here's what's up I had my 1st born baby boy Jan.28,2011 his name is William Wayne and I'm with his father Jason whom I been with for 3 yrs and counting.also found out that I'm pregnant again can't believe it very shocking it was lol
HighSchool: McNairy Central High School
JuniorHighSchool: Selmer Middle School
ElementarySchool: Middleton Elementary School
Music: all kinds except classical music
TV: WWE Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, and more.
Books: I once read a book called "CRANK" it was pretty good. and I read magazines every time I get a chance,
Sports: I like some sports not much.
Interests: i write poetry, dance, watch tv, go to concerts, got to the bar/club when i can get a baby sitter,go out to eat,the theater and im also an outdoorsy girl i like to ride 4wheelers and swim on occasional days go hunting/fishing. not to afraid to gut a fish or mess with slimy worms to bait my hook. lol like city girls i was born country
Movies: there's too many for me too explain ask later on ok.
BestFeatures: My Figure
Dreams: the only thing i care about is taking care of my child!!

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